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Support the Huntley Meadows Park 23rd Annual Birdathon

Tuesday May 7th

Lindsay Schneider, the 2018 Resource Management (RM) Intern said of her time working with Huntley Meadows Park (HMP) staff and volunteers, “Their wisdom and passion for nature has been inspiring and incredibly beneficial in furthering my understanding of species and their habitats.” Lindsay went on to say, “This internship taught me so much about water quality, land stewardship, invasive species management and habitat enhancement for native plant and wildlife species. The experiences I am having this summer will greatly aid in helping me achieve my future career goals.”

Experiences like Lindsay’s are why for more than 20 years, early on a May morning, Park staff and volunteers have walked the trails through HMP to count birds. This annual survey evolved as an event to remember and honor two exceptional men: Ken Howard and Ed Weigel. Both were volunteers who shared their love of nature with any Park visitor lucky enough to chat with them. Their work continues through the Park’s RM Internship, made possible by funds raised through the HMP Bird-a-thon. This internship provides a young person with needed hands-on experience as he or she begins a career in conservation. Over the years, many on the Board of Friends of Huntley Meadows Park (FOHMP) have had the privilege of interacting with the interns, and we all believe this opportunity has a positive impact on their future endeavors as the next generation of stewards of our parks and green spaces.

The FOHMP Board requests donations (see donation form above) to support this annual event. Your generous donation will help us reach our goal of $3,000 to fund the 2019 RM Intern.

Those who participate in the bird count enjoy their involvement with this fundraiser. They have counted birds in all kinds of conditions, from cold and rainy, to downright hot, tallying anywhere from 90 to as many as 108 species in one day! But no matter what happens, the feeling is that it’s always such a treat to be in the Park. Anticipation of meeting the new RM Intern and what valuable experiences that intern will receive provides trail conversation throughout the morning.

Thank you for your continued support,
The Board Friends of Huntley Meadows Park
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